Petrographics has finally became registered in the Marine acquisition after signing the agreement with Marine Arctic Geological Exploration (MAGE) in the field of 2D / 3D Marine Acquisition and Integrated Engineering surveys.



Petrographics is an Egyptian Oil Services Company, a Stock holding Company established in 1992. Petrographics is a leading supplier of exploration and production services and Solutions. The company has currently four branches in Libya, Algeria, Syria and Ghana, in addition to the headquarters in Egypt. Petrographics provides integrated data management services and solutions for Oil & Gas Exploration companies in the areas of Seismic Data Processing, Reservoir Characterization and Consultation. Petrographics also provides Oil Field land surveying services, and the design of Seismic Survey.


Seismic Vectorization :-     Petrographics acquired significant technical skills in the art of converting paper seismic sections and maps to digital formats. We specialize in scanning and trace digitizing of paper or film seismic data, utilizing the latest industry software. Well Log Digitizing :-     Petrographics specialists in scanning and digitizing of all hard copies of well log data
- Auto digitizing for logs.
- Resistivity (both linear and logarithmic)
- Log depth shift, automatic interactive and/or bulk shifting - splicing - merging.
- Dip-meter (Tadpole plot)
Magnetic Tape Copy :-     Petrographics specialized in transferring old data into modern and advanced media such as:
21 track

9 track (all densities)
3490 , 3490E
3590 , 3590E
DLT (all densities)